Requirements to get a marriage license: Kansas State

The rules and regulations to get a marriage license in Kansas State are almost same as in Iowa State. They are:

The applicants should apply in person together to get a marriage license. In some rare situations, the applicants can be granted an exception from this rule.
The County Clerk’s Office issues a marriage license.
The minimum age requirement to get a marriage license in Kansas State is 18 years. The applicants may bring their parents’ approval. But still the minimum age requirement is 18 years. The parents must give their approval in person except in some rare conditions.
The Proof of Dissolution must be provided to the concerned authority if one of the applicants has been married before.
There is no need for a medical exam.
The applicants should wait for 3 days to get their marriage license.
The unsigned marriage license is valid for 6 months since the date of its issue. It is accepted throughout state.
The fee for getting a marriage license may vary from $50.00 – $75.00.

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