The requirements for a marriage license record

A person should follow certain procedures in order to get a marriage license record. It is suggested to do this task a month prior to the actual wedding date. First of all, that person may require setting an appointment with a local official. That person will be asked to present his/her picture id like Drivers License or other valid identification. Then that person may be asked to bring the certified copies of his/her birth certificate.

Also, that person must present his/her parents’ names, mother’s maiden name and places of their birth. Additional to these requirements, he/she may have to do blood test and get DNA screened. That person may be required to be a resident of that local area.

A couple lived together as husband and wife, can apply for a confidential license. A person is required to produce divorce record, death or annulment for re-marriage. If that person has divorced within the 90 days through past year, then he/she is required to produce a copy of his/her final divorce decree.

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