Requirements to get a marriage license: Nevada State

The rules and regulations which the applicants have to follow in order to get a marriage license in Nevada State are given below. They are:

The male and the female applicants must apply in person together for a marriage license. But sometimes, based on certain conditions, exemptions are given to this rule.
The County Clerks’ Office issues the marriage license.
It is a must for both the male and female applicants to be at least 18 years old to get a marriage license. Both the applicants can get their marriage license even if they are not 18 years old, when their parents give their approval in person to the officials. In this case, the applicants must be at least 16 years old. In some rare occasions, the parents are allowed to give their approval even though they are not present before the officials.
The applicants should provide the original IDs like driver’s license, passport, military ID if any, or a valid copy of birth certificate.
It is a must to produce the Proof of Dissolution before the authority if any one of the applicants has been married before.
The applicants are not required to go under a medical examination to get a marriage license.
The applicants are not required to wait in order to get their marriage license.
The unsigned license is valid for 1 year throughout the state from its date of issue.
The applicants have to pay $55.00 in cash only to get their marriage license. But the amount may vary following certain conditions.

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