Requirements to get a marriage license: Nebraska State

The applicants are required to follow these below given rules and regulations in order to get a marriage license in Nebraska State. They are:

As in other federal states, both male and female applicants must apply in person together to get a marriage license. But sometimes, exemptions will be given based on certain criteria.
The County Clerks’ office issues a marriage license in Nebraska State.
The minimum age requirement to get a marriage license is 19 years for both male and female applicants. If they are below the required age limit but are 17 years old, then they can get marriage license by producing their parental approval. This approval must given by their parents in person. But is some rare cases, exemptions are given.
The applicants must also bring original IDs like valid driver’s license, state ID or genuine birth certificate. In some cases, they may also be asked to provide their social security number.
It is a must to present the Proof of Dissolution before the authority if any of the applicants has been married before.
The applicants are not required to go under a medical examination.
The applicants have not to wait for certain number of days to get their marriage license.
The unsigned marriage license is valid for 1 year throughout Nebraska State.
A marriage license in Nebraska State costs $15.00.

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