Requirements to get a marriage license: Montana State

In order to get a marriage license in Montana State, the below given requirements should be fulfilled by the applicants. They are:

As usual, the applications to get a marriage license must be submitted by both the male and female applicants in person together. However, there are exemptions to this rule when certain types of situation arise.
At any of three places in Montana State, a marriage license can be obtained. The places are; County District Office, County Clerks’ Office, and the Clerk of Courts Office. One thing must be kept in mind that the marriage license is issued in the county where the bride lives. Out-of-state residents must get their marriage license in the county where they will get married.
Both the male and female applicants must be 18 years old in order to get a marriage license. If they are above 16 years age but below 18 years age, then with their parents consent they can get the marriage license. But the parents must give their approval in person. In some rare situations, exemptions will be given.
The Proof of Dissolution must be submitted before getting a marriage license, if any of the applicants has been married before.
In Montana State, female applicant must go under a medical examination for deadly Rubella disease.
The applicants are not needed to wait to get their marriage license.
The unsigned marriage license is valid for 180 days from the date of its issue.
The fee of a marriage license in Montana State is $30.50.

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