Requirements to get a marriage license: Maryland State

The requirements which are needed to obtain a marriage license in Maryland State are given below. They are:

As usual, in order to get a marriage license, both applicants must apply in person together. In some unusual situations, there is exception to this rule. In addition, every county in Maryland State do not follow this rule.
The County Clerk’s Office issues the marriage license to the applicants.
In Maryland State, both applicants must be 18 years old to get a marriage license. If their parents give parental approval in person then the minimum age requirement for both the applicants is 16 years. In some rare cases, the parents are exempted from giving their approval in person.
The proof of dissolution must be produced before the authority if any of the both applicants has been married before.
The applicants are not required to go under a medical exam.
The waiting period for the applicants to get a marriage license is 2 days.
The unsigned marriage license is valid for 6 months from its date of issue throughout the county where it was issued from.
The applicants are required to pay the fee which varies from $35.00 to $55.00 to get their marriage license.

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