Requirements to get a marriage license: Guam State

In Guam Island State, the applicants should follow these rules and regulations to get a marriage license. The rules and regulations are given below. They are:

Both male and female applicants are required to submit their applications in person together. Otherwise, their application will not be accepted. However, depending on some situations exceptions may be given.
The Department of Public Health issues a marriage license.
Both applicants are considered to be eligible to apply for a marriage license. But with parental or guardian approval, both the male and female of 16 years old also can apply for a marriage license. The parental or guardian approval should be given in person. But in some occasions, exceptions will be given.
Both the applicants should provide original I.D. such as valid photo identification as well as certified copies of birth certificates.
Proof of dissolution must be produced to the concerned authority, if either applicant has been married before.
The waiting period for getting a marriage license is 5 days.
The unsigned license is valid for 60 days from its date of issue and valued throughout Guam.
The fee to get a marriage license includes $30.00 plus other charges if applicable.

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