Requirements to get a marriage license: Florida State

These are the rules and regulations for getting a marriage license in Florida State. They are as follows;

In Florida State too, both applicants should apply in person to get a marriage license. In some rare cases, exceptions will be given.
The County Clerk’s office or Office of Vital Statistics issues a marriage license.
It is a must to be 18 years old for both applicants to get a marriage license. But if both parties are 16 years old and their parents approve the marriage, then they will be eligible to get a marriage license. Usually, the parental approval must be given in person except in some rare circumstances.
If any of applicants has been married before, then it is a must to produce Proof of Dissolution before the concerned authority.
There is no need to go through medical examination.
The waiting period for the Florida State residents is 3 days. For non-residents, there is no waiting period.
The unsigned license is valid for 60 days from its date of issue and legal throughout the state.
The applicants have to pay $93.50 to get a marriage license. However, Florida State residents can minimize the license fee by taking a 4 hour pre-marital class.

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