Requirements to get a marriage license: Colorado State

Colorado State has these rules and regulations which a person has to fulfill in order to get a marriage license. They are:

Both the applicants have to apply in person together. But in some situations, the related authority may show flexibility.
Only the County Clerk’s Office issues marriage license.
Only the applicants who are 18 years and above can apply for a marriage license. But with parental or guardian approval, both male and female of 16 years old and above can apply for a marriage license. Generally parental or guardian approval should be given in person only. In some rare situations, exceptions are given.
The applicants should present any of the following ID: Passport, birth certificate, military ID, visa or driver’s license.
Among the both applicants, the previously married applicant should bring Proof of Dissolution.
The applicants are not required to take medical examination.
A marriage license can be issued at any time by the authority.
An unsigned marriage license is valid throughout the state for 30 days since its date of issue.
The marriage license fee is $20.00.

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