Requirements to get a marriage license: Arizona State

The marriage license requirements in Arizona State are as follows;

  • Both applicants must apply for marriage license in person. In few cases, there may be exceptions.
  • The County Clerk’s Office issues a marriage license.
  • Both applicants should be of 18 years old to get a marriage license. Also, both applicants who are 16 years old can obtain a marriage license with the parental or guardian approval in person. In very rare cases, the parental or guardian approval can be accepted without their presence.
  • Proof of Dissolution must be presented if either applicant has been married before.
  • There is no need for medical exam.
  • The applicants do not have to wait for days to get a marriage license.
  • The unsigned license is valid throughout the state for one year from the date of issue.
  • The license fee is $50.00

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