Requirements to get a marriage license: Alaska State

In the previous post, you became familiar with the requirements to get a marriage license in Alabama State. Now, let’s move to the next state – Alaska. Though there are some similar requirements to get a marriage license in both states, few differences can also be seen.

  • As in Alabama State, in Alaska State too, both applicants should be present before the officials to apply for a marriage license. However, there are exceptions in few cases.
  • A district or borough provides the marriage license.
  • Both applicants are required to be, at least, 18 years old to get a marriage license. If both the male and female are at least 16 years old, then they can obtain a marriage license with parental or guardian consent. Normally, parents or the guardians must give the approval in person. But there may be few exceptions.
  • Both the applicants should present these IDs. They are: Driver’s License and a second picture ID.
  • Proof of Dissolution must be presented if either applicant has been married before.
  • There is no need for medical exam.
  • The applicants should wait for three days to obtain a marriage license.
  • The unsigned license is valid throughout the state for ninety days from the date of issue.
  • The license fee is $25.00.

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