Marriage license records – What is it?

Marriage License Records

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Marriage license record is an essential document that protects one’s marriage. It is prerequisite for all couples who like to get married. The local government under which that person resides or the state in which that person’s wedding ceremony takes place, issues the marriage license to him or her.

Normally, three copies of marriage license are provided; one for couple, one for solemnization official, and the last one is for the local government. There is a set of procedures which the couple has to complete in order to get their marriage license. In some states of US, the couple is required to do the blood test. In addition, the couple’s DNAs are recorded.

As I said earlier, the local government is responsible for keeping and updating the marriage license records. Hence, it will become easier to check the marital background of a spouse. It is recommended that if you wish to marry your spouse, then you must check the marriage license records of that person. This will not only help you to have a fair idea about your spouse’s previous marriage life but also protect you from liars and cheaters.

At the state government agency, you can search for the marriage license records of your spouse. Though these records are accessible to the public, you cannot just obtain them whenever you wish. There are some rules and regulations which you must follow in order to get them.

You will get useful information about your spouse like name, age, residence address, place of work etc. You can even see the information related to the witnesses and official who carried out the marriage ceremony.

Now you have understood what a marriage license record is. In other posts, you can check out the uses of marriage license records and how to find marriage license records.

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