Marriage License Records: Role of a Marriage Certificate

marriage certificate

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A marriage certificate is a tool which lawfully unites couple in matrimony. If a marriage license allows two people to get married, the marriage certificate lawfully alters the tax and identity status of the couple. A marriage certificate is a proof that two people are lawfully permitted to stay together as husband and wife.

A marriage certificate can be issued by one or two bureaus namely the state or justice of the peace conducting the ceremony, or the religious institution hosting the marriage. You will find these below listed information in a typical marriage certificate. They are:

Name of the husband
Name of the wife
Date and place of marriage
Signatures of the two parties

In some cases, each and every marital record will be verified by a judge. These marital records can either be pre-marital or post-marital records. In both cases, a marital agreement indicates who possesses what and how. When the judge is satisfied with those marital records, then only the marriage certificate will be issued.

A marriage certificate permits any married couple to file joint income tax returns. When a spouse gets seriously injured or sick, this marriage certificate allows the married couple to determine the course of care.

In this way, a marriage certificate plays an important role in the life of a married couple. Hence it is very important to verify your marriage registration to avert any complicated issues in future. Today, with the help of internet you can instantly verify your marriage record.

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